Engaging in sport 2-3 times a week is good for the heart

Participating in physical activity two to three times a week is of great benefit to the heart. In a very large group of middle-aged women, this reduced the risk of heart disease by twenty percent. The study was performed at the University of Oxford and was published in Circulation, the journal published by the American Heart Association. 


Data from more than 1 million women was analysed. The average age of the participants was 56 years. The enormous population was obtained from the Million Women Study, which took place between 1996 and 2001 in the UK. 


At the start and at the end, the amount of exercise was reported. Over a period of nine years, hospital admissions and incidences of death were amongst the data monitored. This showed that substantial exercise two to three times a week reduces the risk of heart disease by twenty percent. Additional exercise did not result in further limitation of the risk of disease. Therefore, excessive or intensive exercise is not necessary. Occasional walks, cycling and gardening were found to be a great strategy for healthy ageing.


The results of the study confirm the beliefs relating to evolutionary medicine. Our ancient ancestors were not marathon runners; they mainly ran to escape danger. They did, however, have active lifestyles. For example, large distances were covered on foot to collect nuts, seeds and tubers. 


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Miranda E.G. Armstrong, Jane Green, Gillian K. Reeves, Valerie Beral, Benjamin J. Cairns,Frequent Physical Activity May not Reduce Vascular Disease Risk as Much as Moderate Activity: Large Prospective Study of UK Women, Circulation, 2015