Course content

Module 1: Concepts of health and disease

Day 1: Introduction to clinical PNI
Day 2: Evolutionary biology, psychology and medicine; origin of homo sapiens
Day 3: Stress. Homeostasis & Allostasis, Robustness, Adaptation and Maladaptation and the immune system 

Module 2:  Neuro-Endocrinology and Research in Stress-tolerance

 Day 4: Neuro-endocrinology
Day 5: Clinical PNI: axes, interactions and clinical relevance
Day 6: Stress-Tests and practical application

Module 3: Research, diagnostics & communication

Day 7: Communication and communication skills
Day 8: The evolutionary background of behaviour
Day 9: The diagnostic process
Day 10: Diagnostics in practice
Day 11: Clinical Chemistry in clinical PNI.
Day 12: Clinical Chemistry in clinical PNI.

Module 4: The Immune system in CPNI

Day 13: The Immune system
Day 14:
Low-grade inflammation
Day 15:
The most common syndromes: auto-immune disorders, auto-inflammatory disorders, neurodegeneration

Module 5: Integration and application of core information

Day 16: The five metamodels and the selfish brain
Day 17:
The five metamodels, 10 working mechanisms, anthropogenic factors and The selfish Immune system
Day 18:
The five metamodels and the selfish metabolic system