Practical information

Entry level

Basic knowledge of nutritional therapy and basic medical knowledge are strongly recommended. To enroll for PNI-2 you have to pass PNI-1 first.

Duration of the training

2 x 18 days (spread over 2 years). Whenever this is possible, PNI-1 and PNI-2 are organised in consecutive years, depending on the number of applicants.

Hours of study

280 clock hours of study each year, of which 135 are contact hours. In total, PNI-1 and PNI-2 amount to 560 study hours, of which 270 hours are contact hours. The remaining hours are spent on preparing and assimilating the study material.

Study hours

From 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Study materials

When the course commences, you will receive the reference work for PNI-1 and PNI-2. This covers subjects that are dealt with frequently in (PNI) practice; these subjects are not dealt with in the same order as the teaching modules. The lessons focus on you becoming acquainted with the therapeutic field of activity, whereas the reference work examines a number of specific disorders more extensively. This allows you to see how clinical PNI functions in its own context: the health care sector. During the course you will also have access to the secure area of the website. From this area, if you wish, you can download and print out hand-outs and articles.

Participation certificate

For each year, you will receive a participation certificate when you have attended at least 80% of that year's course.

Exam & Diploma

After the second year, it is possible to take an oral exam. This exam covers all the study material presented in PNI-1 and PNI-2 and takes 2 hours. For the first part of the exam, a student is asked to perform an anamnesis and propose a treatment protocol. The second part of the exam consists of oral questions on the theory. After successful completion of the exam, you will receive a diploma and be a certified clinical PNI therapist.


£2390 per year (excl. VAT). This includes coffee/tea and study materials. The exam fee is not included.Please check the terms and conditions of CNELM here:


CNELM, 14 Rectory Road, Wokingham, RG40 1DH.