Clean twice a day and take an omega-3 supplement


It is a known fact that omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect. That is why they are given to prevent and treat chronic inflammatory diseases, such as cardiovascular disease and rheumatism. New research published in the dental Journal of Periodontal and Implant Science now shows that supplementation with omega-3 can also possibly be given as a preventative and adjuvant therapy for periodontitis, a serious inflammatory condition of the gums.

Approximately 50% of adults have inflamed gums. Thirty-five percent of them develop a form of periodontitis, in 10-15% that is severe. Pockets develop between the teeth and microorganisms nestle in the pockets, which then gradually penetrate more deeply and ultimately attack the jawbone. When this is untreated, teeth are lost. But periodontitis is also bad news for overall health. That is because the inflammation in the mouth can transmit to the other organs, including the heart.

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