Vitamin D and L-tryptophan: Promising dietary intervention in autism


‘Autism (ASD) is a multifactorial and multigene disorder, the incidence of which is on the rise, and in which such things as genetic predisposition, environment and particularly also the intestinal tract and the immune system [...] play an essential role.’
- Huub Savelkoul, Professor of Cell Biology and Immunology, Wageningen University

Professor Huub Savelkoul made this statement way back in 2004. Now – a decade on – his vision is being endorsed by an increasingly large body of research. Recently, significant connections at the molecular level were exposed between vitamin D3, L-tryptophan, oxytocin and serotonin on the one hand and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) on the other. This new insight is paving the way for a dietary intervention with minimal side effects using vitamin D3 and L-tryptophan.

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